Dear Press.

Are you really aware of the dilemma you’re in? I’m just asking, because honestly, it doesn’t seem like it. This isn’t about exchanging insults anymore. So why not stop waisting energy and precious time on playing by the same old rules, when there’s a whole new ballgame going on.


Think about your colleagues in Turkey, Russia or China. Think about what it must be like to be stalked, threatened, arrested and dragged out of your office. Think about it right now, just for a minute. – Is it getting hot in here?


Do you really think citing your founding fathers, trusting in checks and balances and exhausting yourself and the public with the same old outrage, knee-jerk finger pointing and petty feuds? He calls you the “enemy of the people”, “fake news”, “the most dishonest people on earth”. He puts you down, shuts you up, rebukes, ridicules and mocks you. Oh, come on, is he serious? You bet he is. He’s the president.  


You’re talking about a White House in chaos, an administration in disarray, a government in turmoil. I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. This chaos, disarray and turmoil is a take-over. If you really think that a buffoon, a mentally unstable jack-o’-lantern, a naïve and megalomaniac political amateur has just won the lottery by simply being a straight talker – think again. He will not go away. He will not give in. He will not let go. Because he’s got an agenda. So what’s yours?


Stop taking the bait. While you’re busy fact-checking, puzzling and discussing your way through that endless stream of lies, going after one little scandal after the other, feeding your readers and viewers with everything they’re feeding you with – what do you think is really going on? What’s the real story? Just THINK for a minute – even and especially the unthinkable. Believe it or not, from time to time they even feed you a little bite of the truth: You need to shut up and listen for a while. The question is: Just how long exactly is a while?


Edward R. Murrow, David Halberstam, Seymour Hersh, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and all the others you’ve been looking up to all your life – do you think they weren’t scared? Do you think they didn’t worry about their careers, their families, their lives? Do you think they became your heroes by not putting everything on the line, just to do what’s right? This is to those of you who always wanted to be a hero, who maybe don’t have a lot to lose, and most of all to those of you who are fed up with being misled, scared and scolded – this is your time to shine.   


One thing’s for sure: They won’t make America great again.

But maybe, just maybe you could make it proud again.

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